Swing Into Summer – Improve your game in Haber’s Curve Golf Sunglasses

Golf sunglasses are an important piece of golf equipment offering clarity, protection, glare reduction, and comfort for an enhance game.   Take your game to the next level with the HaberVision Curve Sunglasses.  

Weighing just 25 grams, the Curve Sunglasses from HaberVision feature an open frame design with a simple twist, quick release and change of lenses. These qualities make the perfect fit for just about anyone, ultra lightweight comfort, and a stylish look.

 The frame is molded from Trilon™, a flexible but virtually indestructible material, plus combined with a hydrophilic rubber temple arms and nosepiece. An open lens with 8 base wrap frame design creates a bottom rimless lens for enhanced field of view and coverage.   Frames are available in black and white with optional red rubber tips.

Carbolite™ interchangeable lenses are the clearest sport lens on the market, three times impact resistance of glass lenses, and available in a variety of colors with 100 percent UVA/UVB/UVC protection.  The Haber Rose polarized lenses filter blue light, designed as a green reader, and are a high contrast color so you can quickly spot your ball in flight. 

 “At Haber, the glare reducing benefits of polarization are mated with high performance enhancing lens colors specifically designed for the improving your golf experience”, explainsBill Nolan, CEO of HaberVision.  “Developed with golf legend Jim McLean, the Curve Golf Sunglasses present versatility in performance and style that is unmatched in any other golf eyewear on the market today..”

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Best of the West

HaberVision was a proud sponsor of the International Sportsmens Expo “2012 Best of the West Fly Fishing Championship”. 

Competitors from the Western United States participated in qualifying events in Denver, Sacramento and Phoenix.   The top men and women competitors from each of these cities moved on to the finals at Salt Lake City in March. 

HaberVision supplied each winner their choice of premium polarized sunglasses.

Crowds gathered at the fly casting pond during competition to watch in excitement as each competitor carefully cast each time.   Individuals practiced for hours preparing.  Fly fishing guides were also available at the fly casting practice pond to teach spectators and especially get children interested in this sport.

congratulations to Molley Seminick and Nick Teynor as the final 2012 Best of the West Fly Casting Champions.

All equipment used was supplied by ISE or sponsors.  Scoring was based on the American Casting Association and distance casting was added to the accuracy game.

HaberVision also sponsored the Best of the West Duck & Goose Calling where enthusiastic participants stood on stage and gave it their best effort.   “Duckman”, Carl Taylor organized this event and was a huge hit at the ISE Salt Lake City show.

We look forward to another year with ISE and their championship events.

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Seeing Is Believing from Jeff Jones

Kenai Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized glasses break up the glare of light coming off the water allowing you to see clearer and deeper into the water column and reducing eye strain, fatigue and damaging UV rays.  The more light that can be prevented from reaching the eye, the better the polarized sunglasses will benefit the wearer.  The three most important factors in selecting polarized sunglasses are quality, comfort and fit.
   I used to wear clip-on polarized sunglass and I thought they were great, until I was schooled at Lake Powell one day!  Fishing in gin-clear water I could see the bottom in 15-20 feet.  I could see the contour, where the rocks were, and any weeds and stumps.  I thought my polarized clip-on sunglasses were doing what I expected them to do.  However, what I could not see was any fish! 
     My fishing partner that day started pointing out the fish that he could see.  He would say, “There’s a 4-pounder,” point again, “There’s a 4-pounder.  There’s a 5-pounder.”  And I would scan where he pointed and could see the bottom but not the fish as it swam along near the bottom.  He proceeded to make long casts with a small worm ahead of the bass’ path, trying to time its speed and direction to the fall rate of his lure.  When the worm reached the bottom at nearly the same time the bass reached that spot, he almost always got the strike.  In tournament parlance, he got healthy real quick, and I was still standing there looking for fish that I couldn’t see.
     I demanded to see his sunglasses!  Placing them over my own, (awkwardly wearing both my prescription glasses and his polarized glasses,) and cupping my hands around my eyes to eliminate outside light, all was revealed!  I could immediately see several largemouth bass swimming nearby and in deep water!  That was the last time I have ever used clip-on sunglasses.  I believe that even a small gap between the prescription and clip-on lens, and all the light coming in from the sides, prevented me from seeing with enough definition to see the fish that my fishing partner was catching.
     There are three factors in selecting the right polarized sunglasses.  Quality lenses are important but need not be expensive and can be glass or plastic lenses.  Much of the time the price is more affected by brand marketing, advertising and retailers than the price of a good quality lens.  I have had several big name brands of polarized prescription sunglasses and before finding Habervision Sunglasses I paid at least $100 more for them.  Habervision provides quality lenses at prices that can’t be ignored.  I have been very happy with the two styles I have purchased so far and I can recommend this Colorado company.  My wife likes her “Rockstar” style frames as well.
     Comfort is important to me because I need prescription lenses, raising the cost significantly, and I want to be able to wear my sunglasses all day and every day.  The styles I choose tend to be larger frames because I want them to completely cover the face around the eye, effectively blocking out all light.  Larger frames often mean heavier sunglasses, but the frame styles I look for are lightweight and comfortable.  I have purchased

Cima Polarized Sunglasses

and recommend the Kenai and Cima styles for complete coverage and for prescription lenses, but there are many models to choose from, so try them out and see which are most comfortable for you.
     Fit means not only comfort but that the frame of the sunglasses fit the face well enough that all outside light is blocked from the eye.  Even a small gap at the top or sides of the frame allows some light to get behind the sunglasses and this prevents the wearer from getting the full benefit of polarized sunglasses.  Try many styles on and make sure they are resting comfortably and as you would wear them every day.  Then make note: is there a gap across the top?  Or to each side?  If purchasing polarized sunglasses for fishing it is extremely important to not to let any light get behind the lens.
     If you need prescription polarized sunglasses the selection can be limited by several factors.  I try to get as curved a lens as my prescription can fit because curved lenses cover the area better to block the light.  As prescriptions get heavier, the lenses become thicker and may not work on curved frames.  Find out which styles can be made in prescription, select several that fit you the best, and then see if your prescription will fit that style.  My Kenai sunglasses have a flatter frame but large sides that block the light.  My Cima frames are more curved.  Both work great for me.
     I am promoting a brand that I like and am familiar with.  I like that Habervision is a Colorado company with their offices in Golden.  I like that Steve Haber, the founder of Bolle and now HaberVision, has a long history with a quality brand and he knows his sunglasses.  But most of all I like the prices they offer and how much money I can save for quality polarized sunglasses.  I get is a discount, and you can, too.  Visit the Habervision website and enter the Affinity Code: RXO and their great prices will be available to you.

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Denver ISE Show

HaberVision would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at the Denver International Sportmen’s Expo.   We enjoyed meeting all of our customers with fantastic comments on our products and finding new ones too. 

Best of the West- Winner

We are a proud sponsor of ISE’s “Best of the West” Fly Casting Championship and awarded the Denver winners, Molly Semenike and Peter Krutzer with their choice of Haber Premium Fishing Sunglasses.

Best of the West - Winner

A huge crowd at ISE’s 35th Anniversary in Denver with plenty of vendors from around the world was there bringing entertainment, food, trips and much more.   Our booth was located at the fly casting pond where we watched the action and lessons. 

 We look forward to seeing more of you at the ISE Sacramento and Salt Lake City shows.   Be sure to visit us to see new products coming, win free giveaways and much more.

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HaberVision Launches Virtual Try-On for Sunglasses

HaberVision Launches Sunglasses Virtual Try-On

For Immediate Release

Golden, Colorado.

November 17, 2011 — HaberVision announced today that mobile users can now try on their complete line of sunglasses with mobiShades by simply using any camera enable phone.

Smartphones are driving consumers from bricks to clicks.  Reduce the risk of buying sunglasses online by trying them on first for fit, design or appearance.  Simply by taking a self-portrait with your phone and sending it to hv@agm.tw returns a superimposed pair of HaberVision sunglasses on your face by analyzing the facial structure.  

“HaberVision is excited to offer a solution for the consumer when searching for sunglasses online”, said Jani Shoemaker, VP of Sales.  “Allowing the user to see themselves in a specific pair of our eyewear enhances their shopping experience.  Sharing these photos with your friends socially has also added to the adventure.”

“Mobius does not require anything more than a camera-enabled mobile phone,” said Mobius International CEO Aram Kovach. “In the case of mobiShades, we’ve also matched the service with the power of social media, which helps customers make better choices and provides manufacturers with a new and powerful market reach.”   

Free and available today from any camera enable phone.   Specific style selections and sharing with your friends socially with additional information is available online from HaberVision.

About HaberVision
HaberVision is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. Founded by Steve Haber, the developer of the Bolle’ brand, Haber products are rigorously tested in the field. All HaberVision products combine the latest in light management systems and coatings with lens and frame materials designed to maximize performance and comfort. HaberVision is an online only retailer and all products are sold exclusively through the company’s website with consumers saving 50% off of suggested retail pricing.

About CompEx, Inc.
 CompEx, Inc., the parent company of Mobius International, which provides comprehensive integrated web solutions to solve the complex connectivity problems facing today’s organizations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, CompEx, Inc. is a privately-funded company formed in 1992 as a technology brand of global invention and vision to develop solutions for new business ventures. CompEx specializes in interactive mobile marketing, web and mobile application development, business intelligence, infrastructure/security, and digital data management. Our innovative thinking, knowledge and systematic work methodology enable us to provide our customers with timely and highly effective solutions.For more information about CompEx, Inc. or Mobius, contact our US Headquarters (877) 829-0536

45 eyewear products are now available (9 goggles and 36 sunglasses) in a variety of styles.


#   #   #

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Why Polarized Goggles

Polarized goggles, like polarized sunglasses, are designed to reflect glare improving your vision and performance.  Snow goggles are especially important where there may be a lot of bright sunlight glare on the snow while enjoying outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing.

 How do polarized goggles work?

   Polarized lenses are made with a filter that blocks strong sun rays and glare which can make it difficult to see.   Polarizing filters effectively reduce/eliminate reflected glare and increase visual acuity and perception.

Glare is defined in the dictionary as, “An uncomfortable sensation caused by bright light.” More specifically, glare comes in many forms and they all can be uncomfortable and performance compromising. We deal with three types of glare; direct, reflected and redirected. Direct glare is visible light rays coming directly from the sun. Reflected glare can come from light rays bouncing of flat surfaces such as roads, water, snow, or in the case of redirected rays, they can be reflected from your face, the back of your glasses or side surfaces.

These polarized filters reflect that glare away from you allowing for better vision.   Winter sports on days with bright sunlight reflecting off of the snow can impair your vision while polarized lgoggles give you a performance edge.

  You can do a simple test for polarized lenses.    Two polarized lenses will block all light when set at exactly 90 degrees from each other.

Polarized Performance

  Polarized goggles can be an advantage to an athlete.  Easier to see your surroundings to plan a safe path with heightened contrast on slopes and trails.    Seeing the texture of the snow or ice can make it easier to make adjustments and to avoid dangerous areas altogether.   

Wide lensesWide Peripheral Vieware also available from goggle manufacturers allowing for a greater peripheral view.

At HaberVision, we reduce the effects of glare not only with polarized lenses but also with color densities, reflective mirror coatings, and anti-reflective coatings. Color densities reduce glare and filter unwanted color spectrums that compromise performance. Mirrors reflect visible light and further reduce the effect of glare.  Anti reflective coatings allow redirected bounce back glare to pass through the lens reducing annoying reflections in the lens.

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First Annual “Turning Pink” A Success

Breast Cancer AwarenessOn October 31, 2011,  HaberVision completed it’s first annual “Turning Pink”  campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an effort to increase awareness, research and care of individuals.   The campaign raised funds from proceeds of pink item sales during the month and donations were made to organizations in support. 

“We are extremely happy with the results from our first annual campaign.”, states Jani Shoemaker, VP of Sales.  “HaberVision would like to thank everyone who participated this past month in making a difference in someone else’s life.   We are proud to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen and Pink Ribbon Riders organizations for their efforts in research support of individuals.”

HaberVision would like to thank our customers, partners and Affinity Reps that helped make this campaign a success.   We look forward to working with everyone again next year and spreading the word for breast cancer support.

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The Power of Bifocals

 If you’re over forty you’ve probably realized your near vision is slowly starting to deteriorate. Reading  objects up close such as books or articles is becoming more and more difficult and you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re either going to have to get vision correction or longer arms.

The condition is presbyopia and the onset usually starts around age forty. It is a hardening of the lens of the eye and its causes can be attributed mainly to ultraviolet light absorption. As the lens hardens, it becomes less flexible, losing its ability to shape itself and focus objects correctly on the retina. You account for the lenses inflexibility by simply moving the object, a book for example, a little farther away. As preysbyopia progresses we ultimately lose this battle and external correction in the form of reading glasses is needed. If this is the only optical deficiency you have you are referred to a “presbyope”.

The single largest demographic groups in this country, “baby boomers”, are driving demand for corrective eyewear to new heights. And it isn’t just for reading or writing. This group and it’s a large group, is still physically active and simply won’t be slowed down by their vision deficiencies. This forces the eyewear community to address and react to the needs of the consumer in ways that have previously not existed.

Sunglasses with a pre-set bi-focal have been on the market for quite some time now. They are normal non-prescription sunglasses that have the fixed bi-focal incorporated into the lenses. The power of the bi-focal is usually +2.25 or +2.50 as this is a good compromise power that works for a large number of consumers. As demand increases, you will see a commensurate increase in available powers from manufacturers.  HaberVision offers bi-focal reader sunglasses in the Belize and Kenai styles.

Two years ago HaberVision introduced the Belize “up” bifocal. This was a departure from the norm as typically the bi-focal is located in the lower portion of the lens. The “up” bi-focal is located in the upper portion of the lens.

The “up” location offers some options that you may not have considered previously but should consider now. For instance if you are a fly fisherman, the lower location works well as you attach your fly to your leader. However it is not ideal if you are wading through a stream since when you look down you are looking through the bi-focal and the water becomes a blur. However, with the upper bi-focal you simply slide the sunglasses down your nose when attaching your fly and when you slide them back up you are free to wade through the streams with clear vision. The same applies to skiing. The upper location affords you a bi-focal when you need to read a trail map or your smart phone, but is out of your vision when you are actually skiing or boarding.

The down location is still the most popular for reading, writing and driving a car but don’t discount the upper bi-focal as it is fast becoming the preferred location for prebyopes.

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Helping the fight against breast cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HaberVision is turning ‘Pink” throughout the month of October.   We hope to spread the word, celebrate survivors and raise funds to find a cure or help others with medical expenses.

Now you can share in this important month and make a difference.  Together with you HaberVision is making a donation to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure and Pink Ribbon Riders.   The two organizations are making a difference in the research and care of individuals with breast cancer. 

Share in our support for Breast Cancer Awareness with a great deal on the Pink Riva Goggle, Pink Kingston Polarized Sunglasses or Pink Fleece Vests.   We invite you to purchase any of these products during the month of October and we will give a 10% donation to these important organizations. We will also include a pink ribbon in your shipment as a thank you for your support.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the world today, accounting for one in 10 of all new cancers diagnosed worldwide and nearly one in four female cancer sufferers. “I would like to thank our customers and HaberVision for their support in this important fight”,Jani Shoemaker, Sale Vice-President at HaberVision, “ and am personally touched with a close relative that is currently battling Breast Cancer.  Together we can bring more awareness, prevention and treatment to make a true difference.”

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a global leader of the breast cancer movement, dedicated to education and research about causes, treatment, and the search for a cure. The world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, are working together to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures.

The Pink Ribbon Riders promote breast cancer awareness in the motor sports industry for both men and women, while raising funds for those in need. In combining these two goals they hope to bring people in the community closer as this disease not only affects those diagnosed but also those who love them. “Riding in honor and in memory of those we love”.

We invite you to visit HaberVision.com today and purchase the Pink Riva Goggle or Pink Kingston Sunglasses in support of this important month.

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Why Choose Metal Framed Sunglasses?

Fall is here; why not add some excitement to your look without every going out of style.  Polarized Sunglasses with Titanium FramesSunglasses fashion change with every season except metal framed sunglasses which are a great choice among all ages and sunglass lovers.

A variety of reasons make metal frame sunglasses are so popular.   New light weight materials in frame and lenses plus the rimless designs have made the HaberVision brands a great choice.  Chrome and gold finishes with titanium and steel frames are an evergreen choice among the fashion conscious. 

Metal framed sunglasses have been top sellers for sport lovers who enjoy golf, biking and many other outdoor activities.  Rimless designs provide a deeper appreciation of your surroundings and can increase your game.

An immense variety today in colors and prices are available in retail stores and online.   Metal frame sunglasses are a great blend of style and durability. Get them now and rev up your quotient style!

Where do you look for metal frame sunglasses across many different categories? A good place would be online. Check out stores or manufacturers that offer discounts on their metal frame sunglasses, and you can have a winning bargain.

For the budget conscious, HaberVision provides an online experience in buying these high end sunglasses at wholesale direct from the manufacturer.

If you looking for metal frame sunglasses at a discount, visit HaberVision.com at reasonable prices.

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