HaberVision Releases Intrinsically Safe Goggle Fan

For Immediate Release

HaberVision has announced today the release of an intrinsically safe rated goggle fan, the Haber Eliminator Plus™  fan provides a clearer  vision in any goggle and can be operated in manul or automode.

Goggle manufacturers have improved goggle no fog performance over the years with better anti-fog coatings and improved venting systems. The Haber Eliminator Plus™ fan adds another layer of protection making your goggle even more impervious to fogging.

The Eliminator Plus™ is a self contained, humidity sensor activated fan module that mounts inside your goggle. Because of its location, it utilizes the existing foam structure inside your goggle and doesn’t impede your vision.. It is powered by one AAA battery, simply set the switch to auto mode and let the sensors keep you fog free.  Intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous locations and features UL Intrinsically safe approval to Class 1 Division 1.

Auto No Fog Fan UL Intrinsically Safe

Auto No Fog Fan
UL Intrinsically Safe

Fog, no more!   Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan fits all HaberVision Goggles and most other brands on the market today.  Convert your safety goggle to a fan goggle in seconds.

Package the Haber Eliminator Plus™ fan with a Haber Barrow Safety Goggle for a higher performance and you have the most advanced safety goggle on the market today.  The Barrow Safety Goggle features single or dual lens, excellent fit with helmets, ,  and is an ANSI Z87.1+ 2010 high impact rated goggle.

The Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan and Barrow Safety Fan Goggles are available for $35 – $92.  For more information visit online at




The Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan and Barrow Safety Fan Goggles are available for $35 – $92.  For more information visit online at

HaberVision is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. Founded by Steve Haber, the developer of the Bolle’ brand, Haber products are rigorously tested in the field. All HaberVision products combine the latest in light management systems and coatings with lens and frame materials designed to maximize performance and comfort.


28 eyewear products are now available (10 goggles and 20 sunglasses) in a variety of styles.


Please call HaberVision for more information: 303.459.2220 or email: sales@habervision.com

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HaberVision | 15710 W. Colfax Ave. Suite 204 | Golden | CO | 80401


About habervision

HaberVision offers high end polarized sunglasses and goggles with quality and value unsurpassed for the price. Selling direct to the consumer online only we are "The World's First Online Only Sunglass Company".
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