October HaberVision is “Turning Pink”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and HaberVision is “Turning Pink” once again in an effort to increase awareness, research and care of individuals.  The campaign includes special pricing on pink eyewear and raises funds from proceeds of all items during the month with donations made to organizations in support.

“We are extremely happy with the results from last year’s campaign and hope to build a larger campaign this year.”, states Jani Shoemaker, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “HaberVision would like to encourage everyone to participate in making a difference in someone else’s life.   We are proud to present a check each year to the Pink Ribbon Riders in providing direct financial assistance to men and women that are diagnosed with breast cancer. Show your support too , use Affinity Member Code PRR when placing your orders at habervision.com”

HaberVision would like to thank our customers, partners and Affinity Reps that helped make this campaign a success.   We look forward to working with everyone again next year and spreading the word for breast cancer support.

Pink Ribbon Riders promote breast cancer awareness in the motor sports industry for both men and women, while raising funds for those in need. In combining these two goals they hope to bring people in the community closer as this disease not only affects those diagnosed but also those who love them. “Riding in honor and in memory of those we love”.


About habervision

HaberVision offers high end polarized sunglasses and goggles with quality and value unsurpassed for the price. Selling direct to the consumer online only we are "The World's First Online Only Sunglass Company".
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One Response to October HaberVision is “Turning Pink”

  1. Carolyn Nichols, Pro Staff Director Pink Fishing says:

    As an affinity rep for HaberVision, I say thank you for all you do to support breast cancer awareness….from all of us at Pink Fishing!

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