Now more than ever – HaberVision

These are difficult times for many people in our country and the recovery seems to be slow in coming so it’s important to spend your hard earned dollars wisely.

In my neighborhood we’ve all become a lot more involved socially when it comes to saving each other money whether it’s a better plumber, cheaper roofer, or simply who has the cheapest gas today.

I’m going to make my pitch again because I feel that HaberVision truly represents a value in sunglasses and goggles today. Obviously, because you’re reading this you’re aware of HaberVison and perhaps you’ve purchased one of our products. Congratulations, you’ve saved yourself a bunch of money because if you’d purchased your product from one of our competitors you’d have paid about twice as much. Because you ordered online you saved time and gas (not to mention the environment) by not having to drive to the store. You were a savvy shopper.

Now you need to complete the circle by telling all your friends either by Facebook, Twitter and any other way you communicate, the many ways they too can save money. By working together as a community and saving money collectively any way we can, we’ll all get through this together.

Bill Nolan


About habervision

HaberVision offers high end polarized sunglasses and goggles with quality and value unsurpassed for the price. Selling direct to the consumer online only we are "The World's First Online Only Sunglass Company".
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