April Sports Eye Wear Injury Awareness Month

Haber CrabbingThe month of April brings awareness to sports related eye injuries and how to protect your eyesight.Eye injuries resulting from athletic activities range from corneal abrasions (scratches on the surface of the eye) to potential blindness with an orbital fracture (bones are broken around the eye) to detached retinas (light-sensitive lining at the back of the eye is pulled out-of-place), . In the U.S. over 13,500 people who visit the emergency room each year-end up legally blind and over 90% of these are preventable by wearing protective eye wear.

In addition to injuries from sports equipment, many also suffer eye injuries caused by another player’s errant finger or elbow to the eye.   Some of these sports include baseball, fishing, golf, and while sports account for a particularly high number of eye injuries, hobbies can also poses a risk to your sight.

Safety eye wear protection has been an important factor at work with strict requirements and are a small fraction of the number of eye injuries seen in emergency rooms.

Polycarbonate, Haber Carbolite™, lenses meet the requirements of the American Society of Testing (ASTM). Polyurethane, Haberlite™ , exceed these standards. HaberVision offers premium eye wear protection and all lenses (sunglasses and goggles) meet or exceed these requirements.

People who wear contacts should also wear appropriate protective eye DSC_0096Copywear, as contacts offer no protection.

Prevent eye injury today and make a difference by finding a pair of glasses or sunglasses that are a comfortable fit for you plus offer the appropriate lens materials protection.

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HaberVision Received 2013 Best of Golden Award

Press Release


HaberVision Receives 2013 Best of Golden Award

Golden Award Program Honors the Achievement

GOLDEN May 16, 2013 — HaberVision has been selected for the 2013 Best of Golden Award in the Sportswear category by the Golden Award Program.

HaberVision Receives 2013 Best Sportswear Golden Award

HaberVision Receives 2013 Best Sportswear Golden Award

Each year, the Golden Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Golden area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2013 Golden Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Golden Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Golden Award Program

The Golden Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Golden area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Golden Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.


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HaberVision Releases Intrinsically Safe Goggle Fan

For Immediate Release

HaberVision has announced today the release of an intrinsically safe rated goggle fan, the Haber Eliminator Plus™  fan provides a clearer  vision in any goggle and can be operated in manul or automode.

Goggle manufacturers have improved goggle no fog performance over the years with better anti-fog coatings and improved venting systems. The Haber Eliminator Plus™ fan adds another layer of protection making your goggle even more impervious to fogging.

The Eliminator Plus™ is a self contained, humidity sensor activated fan module that mounts inside your goggle. Because of its location, it utilizes the existing foam structure inside your goggle and doesn’t impede your vision.. It is powered by one AAA battery, simply set the switch to auto mode and let the sensors keep you fog free.  Intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous locations and features UL Intrinsically safe approval to Class 1 Division 1.

Auto No Fog Fan UL Intrinsically Safe

Auto No Fog Fan
UL Intrinsically Safe

Fog, no more!   Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan fits all HaberVision Goggles and most other brands on the market today.  Convert your safety goggle to a fan goggle in seconds.

Package the Haber Eliminator Plus™ fan with a Haber Barrow Safety Goggle for a higher performance and you have the most advanced safety goggle on the market today.  The Barrow Safety Goggle features single or dual lens, excellent fit with helmets, ,  and is an ANSI Z87.1+ 2010 high impact rated goggle.

The Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan and Barrow Safety Fan Goggles are available for $35 – $92.  For more information visit online at




The Haber Eliminator Plus ™ Fan and Barrow Safety Fan Goggles are available for $35 – $92.  For more information visit online at

HaberVision is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. Founded by Steve Haber, the developer of the Bolle’ brand, Haber products are rigorously tested in the field. All HaberVision products combine the latest in light management systems and coatings with lens and frame materials designed to maximize performance and comfort.


28 eyewear products are now available (10 goggles and 20 sunglasses) in a variety of styles.


Please call HaberVision for more information: 303.459.2220 or email: sales@habervision.com

#   #   #

HaberVision | 15710 W. Colfax Ave. Suite 204 | Golden | CO | 80401

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Four Tips on Buying Golf Sunglasses

Springtime is here at last and the sun is peeking from around the clouds.   Golf courses are preparing their grounds and grooming fairways for the season.

Are you thinking about new golf sunglasses and not sure where to starts?   Here are four tips on how to select the right pair.

Ultraviolet Light

UV rays can be hazardous to our eyesight causing macular degeneration, cataracts, just to mention a few.  Golfers spend hours in sunlight and need protection.   In fact stats tell us that 50% or more are likely to contract a 100% UV ProtectionUV-related eye ailment than the rest of the population.

The good news is All HaberVision sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.


Light doesn’t travel in a straight line and in fact bounces back from one reflective surface to another.  Glare is caused, especially from water or shiny green grass and even sand traps.

Polarized lenses permit only vertical light rays to pass through them, not horizontal, and thus they reduce glare.  Read more on HaberVision’s Our Science page…

b_polarizedInvest in premium polarized sunglasses like HaberVision with excellent optical lenses allowing you to read the greens and not cause eye strain from poor construction.  Lenses have layers of polarization film and if not manufactured in a correct manor can cause vision distortion.

Color Options

The color of lenses have nothing to do with polarization but can have an effect on depth perception, clarity, and even glare.

  • Rose and Red: These colors heighten contrast but distort colors. Such tints can be Velocity Haber Rose SBparticularly effective on the putting green. When you line up a putt, the color green saturates the naked eye. Rose or red lenses highlight red and yellow hues in the color green that helps you see the contours of the putting surface, enabling you to read breaks better. However, other tints that don’t distort colors as much are better suited to the tee areas and fairways.    HaberVision’s Haber Rose lenses were designed for reading putting greens with the help of Jim McLean, Golf Legend.
  • Amber or Yellow: Designed for those days when the light is especially poor, this lensVelocity_rl_yellow truly delivers with a transmission range from 18-28%. We recommend this lens when polarization is critical but available light is limited. Amber is very effective at filtering blue light which in turn increases contrast and perception.
  • Copper or Brown: High contrast lens performance in a comforting color with light Velocity copper nftranmission range from 11-20%. Especially good on sunny days where light attenuation and contrast are both required.   Follow the ball in the air and enjoy sharp contrasts on fairways and greens.

The color of the chosen lens is something you need to consider very carefully before you buy.  Take them out into the light, preferably sunlight. But don’t stop there, make a few trial putts.    Buy from a company that guarantees your fit and satisfaction like HaberVision.

Frame Styles


Weight, durability and style are always a consideration.  You’re going to be wearing them over a long period of time, a round of golf can last at least 4 hours, so they should be light-weight.   Frames should also be durable and most popular choices by pros are made of nylon or titanium which are extremely strong, flexible and weighs very little.

Finally, how good do you look in them?  Virtual try ons with you photo can be fun and give you a general idea on how you just might look in these.   Your spouse or friends may or may not be a help too because you don’t want to look like a nerd.

Oh yeah, and while we’re talking style, don’t forget the wrap around models of an 8 base or more that are beyond looking cool.  They can also eliminate glare from the sides,  and keep dust out of your eyes on a breezy day.

A good pair of sunglasses can help your game in so many ways cutting your odds of developing any eye ailments.   Take your time and choose wisely.

HaberVision golf sunglasses are enjoyed by pros and novice golfers.   Styles, light weight, coverage, polarized, UV protection, and last but not least improve your score.

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Recently, the television show 60 Minutes aired a segment on the sunglass conglomerate Luxottica. For those of us in the eyewear business there was not much that was new to us. For consumers it was certain to be an eye-opening look into the largest eyewear company in the world.


Think of a famous sunglass brand and Luxottica probably owns it, either outright or through licensing agreements. Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, Chanel, Prada, Arnette, Oliver Peoples, Bvlgari, Versace and others are all Luxottica brands. In all they control over 30 brands. Their CEO claimed there are an estimated 500 million people wearing Luxottica frames worldwide.


It doesn’t stop there. They also control a big chunk of the sunglass distribution here in the United States. Sunglass Hut, the largest eyewear retailer is owned by Luxottica. Pearle Vision the largest Rx retailer in the U.S. is owned by Luxottica.


What does this mean to you the eyewear consumer? Basically, higher prices. Fashion brands such as Chanel, Versace, and Prada command prices ($400 and up) that are significantly higher than their manufacturing cost would indicate. Simply stated, and you heard the CEO of Luxottica Mike Guerra say it himself, this is the price the market will bear. They use these large profit margins to buy ad space in most major fashion publications. These are usually full or double page ads touting a specific fashion brand. These ads are not cheap.


But who can afford $400 sunglasses? The same people who buy $400 shoes. These products sell on the economy of prestige. High price and low volume. But remember that a low volume product to Luxottica could still mean selling a hundred thousand of these frames globally, a year.


If you choose to believe the CEO that these fashion houses are submitting designs to Luxottica and that Luxottica engineers are converting them to stylized product that’s fine but I have doubts about this. It’s important to remember that not only does Luxottica control the design but they also control the factories that construct and assemble the frames. In many cases you could go into a Luxottica factory and see various fashion brands from many licensees sitting next to each other. In many ways this is the same way General Motors operated for years with Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, and GMC models all assembled by the same parent company.


While Luxottica is the world’s biggest eyewear manufacturer, there are still many companies that operate independently. HaberVision is one of those companies. Like other independents, we are actively involved in the design direction of our brand. We have a distinct design philosophy we are looking for and work with our factories to produce those concepts. We also have some very specific performance attributes we require of the lenses we use in our products because our customers not only want to look good fishing or skiing but be able to increase their performance potential while doing it. This is why we feature a wide variety of lens options such as polarized, photochromatic polarized and lens color choices to allow you to tailor your needs to your sport’s particular requirements.


Because we sell direct to the consumer over the internet our price is significantly lower than those of Luxottica brands. As a manufacturer when you have to sell to distributors who sell to retailers who then sell to consumers you have a lot of layers of price mark-ups that go into the final price. But not with us.


We welcome comparisons between our sport brands and those of Luxottica. In every instance we know you will find our prices to be significantly less. If you enjoy paying for the ad programs and celebrity endorsement fees paid by Luxottica then by all means buy from them. If not, visit www.habervision.com.

Bill Nolan, President of HaberVision

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October HaberVision is “Turning Pink”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and HaberVision is “Turning Pink” once again in an effort to increase awareness, research and care of individuals.  The campaign includes special pricing on pink eyewear and raises funds from proceeds of all items during the month with donations made to organizations in support.

“We are extremely happy with the results from last year’s campaign and hope to build a larger campaign this year.”, states Jani Shoemaker, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “HaberVision would like to encourage everyone to participate in making a difference in someone else’s life.   We are proud to present a check each year to the Pink Ribbon Riders in providing direct financial assistance to men and women that are diagnosed with breast cancer. Show your support too , use Affinity Member Code PRR when placing your orders at habervision.com”

HaberVision would like to thank our customers, partners and Affinity Reps that helped make this campaign a success.   We look forward to working with everyone again next year and spreading the word for breast cancer support.

Pink Ribbon Riders promote breast cancer awareness in the motor sports industry for both men and women, while raising funds for those in need. In combining these two goals they hope to bring people in the community closer as this disease not only affects those diagnosed but also those who love them. “Riding in honor and in memory of those we love”.

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Seeing is Believing with the Coldest Journey

The “Coldest Journey on Earth” has just been announced and after being secretly planned for the past four years.  A team of explorers, lead by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the world’s greatest living explorer as described by Guinness World Record’s , are making the first attempt to cross the Antarctica continent during the winter months.

This is one of the last great journeys remaining on our planet and in the harshest of conditions, including a lack of oxygen (similar to 12,400 feet above) and minus 112° farhenheit.   Special vehicles and equipment with the latest technology have been developed for the team.

 “HaberVision is a proud sponsor and eager to follow them as they start their trip on December 6th.    We are providing the team with the most advanced fog free goggles for a clearer vision as they explorer and travel in this extreme environment.”, Jani Shoemaker, VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We wish all of them a safe trip and success in breaking the next world record.”

The Coldest Journey and HaberVision are raising funds for “Seeing is Believing”, an international initiative that is tackling avoidable blindness.  A percentage of all proceeds purchased at HaberVision.com with Affinity Member Code SEEING will be donated to this important charity.

The team is scheduled to begin their journey leaving the UK by ship on Dec. 6th  and from Antarctica on March 21, 2013.

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Corrective Eyewear – August is National Eyewear Exam Month

Improve your vision and create a terrific new look for you with a new pair of prescription glasses or reading glasses.  Having problems seeing?  Suspect you might need corrective eyewear? 

August is National Eye Exam Month.  Consult your eye doctor for an official diagnosis and an exact prescription of your needs to help improve your vision. While you may only need reading glasses or bifocals you may also need prescription glasses to help you see at night or in your daily life.

Eye Conditions and Prescription Eyeglasses

Although not all eye problems can be offset by the use of corrective eyewear, those that can be include:

  • Astigmatism, the most common type of eye problem, can make it hard for people to detect details. People can have astigmatism along with hyperopia or myopia.
  • Hyperopia, or farsightedness, enables people to see objects that are far away relatively clearly. However, objects that are close are blurry. In some cases, hyperopia is severe enough that objects both close and far away appear blurry.
  • Myopia, or nearsightedness, prevents people from seeing objects that are far away clearly. However, people with myopia can see objects that are close without a problem.
  • Presbyopia is loss of vision that occurs naturally as people age. Along with blurred vision, those with presbyopia have difficulty focusing.

Corrective Eyewear Can’t Always Help

Some eye conditions cannot be corrected by the use of glasses (or glasses only provide limited improvements to people affected by these conditions). These conditions include:

  • Glaucoma, if not treated with drugs or surgery, can lead to blindness.
  • Macular degeneration can lead to blindness. In most cases, macular degeneration is treated with drugs, photodynamic therapy, laser treatments or other types of surgery. Treatments for macular degeneration can only prevent the progression of symptoms, rather than cure the condition itself.

Types of Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses come in many forms to suit a variety of lifestyles. You can get yourOver the Glasses Goggle prescription in the form of  goggles or goggle Rx optical inserts for skiing or impact-resistant glasses to use when playing sports. You can also get prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes and enjoy fishing, golf or other outdoor recreation.  HaberVision offers 100% full UV (UVA, UVB, UVC) protection on all of their prescription sunglasses and corrective eyewear products.

Prescription sunglasses are also available in many styles from HaberVision. As you are shopping for your corrective eyewear, choose a style that you can live with for a few years, as glasses can last a long time. HaberVision’s price is half of the competitors making them a great choice for your next pair. 

Corrective Eyewear Advantages

Some of the advantages of wearing corrective eyeglasses include:

  • better vision
  • lightweight, comfortable frames
  • the added level of protection from ultraviolet rays
  • the technological advances that protect your lenses from scratches
  • the variety of styles that can enhance your sense of fashion and accentuate your features.

Costs of Prescription Eyeglasses

The costs of prescription sunglasses from HaberVision start at only $185 and are priced based on a few options available today.

  • type of prescription (single vision, bifocal, progressive)
  • polarized or non-polarized
  • mirror coatings or flash on outside of lenses
  • anti-reflective coatingsReader Sunglasses

Sunglasses with built in reader bi-focals are also available for reading only and doesn’t require a prescription from your doctor. HaberVision bi-focals start at only $79.

Corrective Eyewear Tips

If you are in the process of purchasing prescription sunglasses or other corrective eyewear products, be sure to visit HaberVision.com and compare to see the true value with their direct to consumer model.

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High Quality Sunglasses for Golf Tournament Prizes for Each Player – Sunglasses are excellent golf tournament prizes

HaberVision Golf SunglassesSupply the participants of your next golf tournament with quality prizes in the form of HaberVision Golf Sunglasses.  Companies that organize these annual golf events attract players by offering great products.

Golfers know that the sun can be an enemy on the course which can hinder visibility making it hard for players to judge distance and hit the ball accurately.  The proper pair of great looking, high quality sunglasses can improve their game and protect their eyes.  Players that go without eyewear for several hours can result in injury to the eye.

Prizes are one way of drawing in visitors at a golf tournament and also make great gifts in goodie bags supplied for each player.  Many orginazations and businesses that organize golf tournaments are always looking to attract players for their annual golf tournaments.

Anyone attending your next tournament will love getting a pair of HaberVision Golf Sunglasses.   In addition, personalized sunglass cases and sunglasses bags featuring the name of the tournament and/or company logo are also available.

Sunglasses make seeing much easier during an all day outdoor event. 

Contact HaberVision for additional quantity discounts to provide you with the lowest price on premium golf sunglasses for your next event.

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Do You Have Summer Protection?

With summer right around the corner many of us will enjoy more outdoor activities and UV protection will be at the top of their minds.   Unfortunately most of us only think about sunblock for our skin and should also consider the importance of our eyes.

Overexposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts, mascular degeneration or even skin cancer around the eyes.  Many adults are completely unaware of health risks and the seriousness for all ages when spending too much time in the sun.   

Look for quality sunglasses that offer full uv protection and wear them even on cloudy days.  Make sure your eyewear are free of distortion and or imperfections.  HaberVision offers 100% full uv protection (UVA,UVB,UVC) in all of their eyewear products.  

UV Radiation Check List:

– Do you spend a large amount of time outdoors?

– Do you spend time skiing, mountain climbing or at the beach?

– Do you live in high altitude?

– Do you visit suntan salons?

– Do you take medication that increases your sensitivity to UV?

– Have you had cataract surgery in one or both eyes?

If you have answer yes to just one of the questions above you are at risk for harm to the eyes from UV radiation.  Protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses or goggles.

Also don’t forget children who typically spend more hours outdoors.  Purchase a quality pair

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